Sooo… Bit more than we expected!

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March 1, 2018
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March 22, 2018
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Sooo… Bit more than we expected!

Snow in Devon

Tractors in Torbay

Devon Tractor

So since my last post on Thursday Morning, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and we have ended up with a severe weather warning throughout the Devon area. Luckily we had managed to get home before the roads became congested so managed to stay warm and safe, well until we saw the vehicles outside struggling to get up the main road outside our house so gave a hand for over 3 hours to help keep the traffic flowing. Everyone was in good spirits and plenty of people were out helping others which was great to see. Our attention then turned to our bookings for the weekend that were due to go ahead so we then made sure all our customers were aware that we may struggle to deliver over the weekend, all them were fantastic with the Saturday bookings all arranged other dates by the Friday so no one had to worry if us or even the party guests would be able to make it.

Also on Thursday evening we were asked by a local care company if our 4×4 was available to deliver care workers to and from their clients houses. We of course wanted to help but it meant that we would have to walk a 7 mile trip to the unit to collect the vehicle, so at 7.30am Friday morning, I set off in hope of retrieving the 4×4. The pictures above show a few of the lanes that had been covered with the white stuff and to also come up against a brand new tractor upturned was an unexpected site. Never the less we made it and once all the doors had been defrosted and the mountain of snow it was buried under was shovelled off we managed to get back onto the main roads through Newton Abbot and Torquay. Only then could you see how many stranded vehicles had been left by the sides of the new dual carriageway, also the roads had an apocalyptic feel to them with plenty of people trudging through the snow, desperately trying to get to work.

For the rest of the day we spent on call as a shuttle service, transporting care working to and from their clients, well done to them for seeing each and every person in need of care. Care work is not the easiest at the best of times so coming in and offering their services was much appreciated. Today has been a much improved weather forecast which will hopefully allow us to deliver for our only booking on tomorrow. Hope you have all enjoyed yourselves in this unusual weather we have had for the beginning on March. Hopefully the weather will allow us to show off some of our new packages that have just arrived. I’m think of unleashing them on here first instead of the usual Facebook launch but we will see.

Stay safe & have fun!