Popcorn & Candy floss

Bring on the fun with these deliciously fantastic hire options, guaranteed to put a smile on your guests faces. Plenty of options to suit all budgets and all expertly and freshly prepared by our professional and friendly operators. Choose from a range of colours and flavours of candy floss to best suit your big day. Why not try vanilla pink, blue raspberry, apple green or even lemon yellow.

Other flavours and colours are available, please enquire with us and if you have a specific colour theme perhaps that you would like us to consider we can do our best to inform you of what we have available. Popcorn will be usually served in our deliciously sweet caramel glaze, however, please let us know if you would be interested in a different flavour, perhaps you prefer savoury popcorn in which case we can certainly provide a delicious salted alternative or maybe you like the idea of a unique but still delicious flavour to wow your guests like cinnamon or even chocolate!

At every base of flavour for our popcorn lies our signature coconut oil blend, this is what we use to cook all our popcorn and leaves a fresh taste and is a real healthy option. Please again enquire with us if you would like to know what else may be available.

We have three packages available for our popcorn and candy floss hire options:-

Our unique and stylish popcorn and candy floss bar will have that real wow factor, with its illuminating lights. Be prepared for the ultimate candy floss twist with a selection of up to 2 different candy floss flavours, chosen by you. Guest’s are then able to have their candy floss prepared freshly in front of them by our operators on to white paper cones, then with the option to add some sprinkles and our handmade delicious edible toppings such as flowers, butterfly’s, hearts or birds. Caramel Popcorn will be served fresh and warm in brown paper bags or traditional cinema style boxes and the option to add sprinkles will also be available.

Presented on a table with personalised decoration taken into consideration, Traditional caramel popcorn served warm and fresh in brown paper bags. Candy floss will be served freshly spun by our operators on white paper cones in vanilla pink.

Individual hire for either the candy floss machine or the popcorn machine. Presented on a table with personalised decoration taken into consideration. Caramel popcorn provided warm and fresh in brown paper bags or vanilla pink candy floss freshly spun on white paper cones.